Crawling Insects

Bed bugs are some of the most obnoxious critters around. As parasites, they thrive on sucking human blood. The bites they leave are itchy, and having them in your bed can make sleep uncomfortable or impossible. This is why you’ll want to hire a bed bugs extermination specialist the moment you see these insects. Our professional pest control service will be able to remove bed bugs wherever they might be in your house, leaving it clean and safe for human habitation.

Ampro Pest Control is a professional pest control company that has provided excellent extermination services to the residents and business owners of Plainfield, IN. Ants are also a problem for multi-units such as hotels, apartments, hospitals, and more. Attracted to areas with food and water, they make their way in and out of your home as they take any food remnants back to their colony.

However, this uninviting scene can become very bothersome. If this problem is occurring in your home, call us today and our professional bed bug treatment will get rid of this infestation promptly. Those looking for a reliable spider or flea control can find it at Ampro Pest Control in Plainfield, IN. We also handle spiders and rodents, and all kinds of other animals.

No one likes seeing a nest of spiders anywhere near their home. When these eight-legged critters become an infestation, you’ll need to figure out a way to get rid of them. Most people hate spiders and considering that there are several kinds of poisonous species of spiders, there’s often a practical reason for this dislike.

Modern technology has enabled Ampro Pest Control to find an eco-friendly method of spider extermination. This takes the form of pyrethrum, which can be sprayed into your yard. It is completely harmless to plants and most animals but quite dangerous to insects and arachnids. If you are interested in spider control, you will want a professional exterminator to install the systems for you, because they will know where to place the pyrethrum nozzles for maximum effect. Our pest control service company will be sure to permanently clear your yard of all unwanted pests.

You can learn more about this and other pest control treatments by contacting Ampro Pest Control in Plainfield, IN.

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